A little update on our FET round this month:

I started my cycle in late July and went in for my baseline ultrasound and to check my estrogen level. A new cyst had popped up to join my endometriomas, but it looked like a leftover follicle from last cycle, the nurse said. So we checked my progesterone level as well just to make sure I hadn’t ovulated and thrown everything off, and it came back low enough that we were cleared to move forward with the cycle.  Continue reading

The pregnancy test taking monster

A few days later, I started feeling some pinchy pains in the front of my uterus, and just overall exhausted. Some say you shouldn’t take a home pregnancy test before you go in for your blood beta Hcg test, because it can give you a false result, but I couldn’t help myself. I picked up a few tests over the weekend and took one prepared for it to be negative since it might be too soon – 5 days after my transfer. I peed on the test and placed it out of my reach while I sat on the edge of the bathtub and waited for the result. After a few minutes had gone by, I grabbed the test, pulled it in front of my face, and slowly peeked through my squinched-shut eyelids at the tiny digital screen… Continue reading

First Comes Love…

When I first met the man that was to be my husband, I was going through a phase of my life that was centered on me. Making my way in my career, living in my own little one bedroom apartment just downstairs from a good friend who was also single and career-driven. I occasionally (frequently) would have a glass of wine and Pringles or candy for dinner. I was no kind of mother figure whatsoever. Continue reading