By Next Christmas

pexels-photo-688019.jpegWhen we first made the decision to look into reversing T’s vasectomy, and try for a child of our own, it was later in the year and our surgery appointment was set for February of the year soon to come. I had researched every statistic that was out there on Google, and with the average time to get pregnant after a vasectomy reversal being one year, I thought it was completely reasonable to set my hopes high that by next Christmas, I would most likely be pregnant. Continue reading


A little update on our FET round this month:

I started my cycle in late July and went in for my baseline ultrasound and to check my estrogen level. A new cyst had popped up to join my endometriomas, but it looked like a leftover follicle from last cycle, the nurse said. So we checked my progesterone level as well just to make sure I hadn’t ovulated and thrown everything off, and it came back low enough that we were cleared to move forward with the cycle.  Continue reading

Onward to August

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 3.09.08 PMA quick update. We got the results of my bloodwork back from the recurrent pregnancy loss testing, and everything looked normal. After reviewing, the doctors felt comfortable with the images from my sonohystogram, so we are cleared to try an FET with our little frozen fighter embryo #3 in August. I am still on birth control pills for another week, and then I will stop those, start a period, start Estrace twice a day and pray harder than we have ever prayed before that #3 is the little one meant to be our take home baby.

WTF appointment #2

pexels-photo-263370.jpegTuesday rolled around, and I went into the lab at the clinic to get my blood drawn and officially finish my cycle. It was the day after a holiday so it was extra busy, packed with a bunch of excited women from the cycle waiting to get their blood drawn and hopeful to get their positive results. The lab tech gave me a big smile and asked if I have had a blood pregnancy test before. “Yeah, I have.” I told her. And left it at that. Continue reading

Deja vu and a trip to the ER

pexels-photo-263402.jpegThis time after transfer, I stayed pretty much in bed for a few days hoping that would help with implantation. “T” waited on me so I wouldn’t have to get up and around a whole lot. “T” and “I” had gone shopping with me a few weeks earlier, and we picked out a bunch of “lucky socks” that I could wear during and after transfer, because there is a thought in the IVF community that warm feet=warm uterus and that helps the babies implant. So I kept my feet toasty with socks covered in elephants (“I” said they are a symbol of luck and fertility) and rainbows (the symbol for a baby after a loss, and new hope) and words like “be confident”. Continue reading

IVF#2: Microdose Lupron Flare

I remembered my time with my old friend Lupron from early in the year, so I had some slight concerns with side effects…but the formula for the microdose is compounded and diluted so it gives a low dose of just enough medication to spike my own hormones right before I start stim shots, then suppresses ovulation afterward so I don’t lose all those eggs I am working so hard to grow. Continue reading

Two big, conflicting emotions

During this time, I got a call that I had been expecting for a while from my little sister: she was pregnant. 

I felt terrible because I could hear in her voice that it was breaking her heart to feel like she was breaking mine, at a time that should have been only joyful for her. It is a tough thing to convey, being happy for someone else when you are so sad and frustrated at yourself. Continue reading