“A little bump in the road.”

At our first IVF consult, our doctor seemed very confident that we would have success. We went over how the process worked, the cost (gulp), and timing. The final part of the consult was a quick exam of my reproductive organs, to make sure everything looked good to go before we scheduled the cycle and got started. As soon as the doctor began my ultrasound, his face grew concerned and he looked at me with sympathy in his eyes.

“Well, it looks like we have a little bump in the road here….you have endometriosis.” Continue reading

Surgery #1…the journey begins

“T” had a vasectomy after “A” was born, which would require a surgery to repair, but we didn’t feel like it would set us back. I knew several people who had vasectomy reversals and went on to have more children easily. About five months after we had our initial consult with a urologist, “T” underwent the procedure in early 2015 and while we waited for him to heal I was sure that at our first follow-up appointment they would definitely see that it had been a success and we would be on our way to completing our family. I did all the research I could, and based on averages I estimated I would be pregnant by Christmas that year and planning for a baby in 2016. Continue reading

First Comes Love…

When I first met the man that was to be my husband, I was going through a phase of my life that was centered on me. Making my way in my career, living in my own little one bedroom apartment just downstairs from a good friend who was also single and career-driven. I occasionally (frequently) would have a glass of wine and Pringles or candy for dinner. I was no kind of mother figure whatsoever. Continue reading