Our Story

Our “Waiting” Timeline

July 2014– First consult with urologist about vasectomy reversal

October 2014– Follow up appointment with urologist and surgery scheduled

February 2015– “T” has reversal surgery

April 2015– At 6 week follow up, sperm count is zero. “T” is prescribed steroids and antibiotics for possible inflammation of vas reconnection site.

May 2015– Follow up #2 with urologist. Still zero sperm count. “T” is prescribed Clomid to help increase sperm count and “push through” possibly blocked vas tubes.

July 2015– Follow up #3 with urologist. Still zero sperm count. “T” continues with Clomid.

November 2015– Follow up #4 with urologist. Still zero sperm count. Referred to fertility clinic to begin discussing IVF.

December 2015– Kickoff appointment with Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE. Fertility doctor). Discover I have severe endometriosis, with 8cm endometrioma cysts on both ovaries, and need surgery before proceeding with IVF.

January 2016– Spend New Year’s recovering from laparoscopy and hysteroscopy surgery. Start Depot Lupron to suppress my cycles until I recover and we start IVF in April.

February 2016– Continue on Depot Lupron.

March 2016– Switch to birth control pills from Depot Lupron to prepare for IVF cycle. “T” has MESA surgery to harvest sperm for freezing.

April 2016– IVF #1. 11 days of stim meds, 13 eggs at retrieved, 11 fertilized normally, resulting in 2 grade BB 5 day blastocysts transferred back. No other embryos made it to freeze. Positive pregnancy test. Beta #1 = 97. Ended in a chemical pregnancy.

May 2016– Back on birth control pills. Follow up with RE. Cleared to try IVF#2 in June, switched protocol to Microdose Lupron Flare.

June 2016– IVF #2. 9 days of stim meds, 11 eggs retrieved, 8 are mature….only 3 fertilize normally. Do a day 3 transfer due to low number of embryos, transfer two great embryos (grade A 8 cell and grade B compacting 8 cell). Third embryo was a fighter and made it to blastocyst and was frozen on day 6. Positive pregnancy test. Ended in a chemical pregnancy.

July 2016– Back on birth control pills. Follow up with RE. We do a sonohystogram to make sure my uterus looks ok, after two losses with good grade embryos. RE suspects possible adenomyosis. Bloodwork panel taken for recurrent pregnancy loss testing. Bloodwork comes back normal, and doctors feel comfortable with the way my uterus looks, so frozen embryo transfer (FET) of our frozen embryo #3 scheduled for August.

August 2016- FET #1. I get pregnant, and have the highest HCG numbers I have ever had…we make it to 6 weeks this time and HCG over 4000 before I miscarry. Doctors are baffled that I lost the pregnancy after such incredible quickly rising numbers.

September-December 2016- Take a few months off of infertility treatments to enjoy the holidays and give my body and heart a break. Do testing on T and I for chromosome abnormalities, comes back normal. I go on BC pills to try and keep my ovaries and endometriosis quiet until January. Experience some weird breakthrough bleeding from the BC pills.

December 2016- Hysteroscopy #2 scheduled to take a look at my uterus and try to identify if there is something physically wrong in there, that may have caused my miscarriages and the irregular bleeding on BC pills.

February 2017- IVF#3. Microdose Lupron Flare again. Extremely high estrogen levels, get 24 eggs, 18 fertilize normally, only 1 made it to blastocyst by day 5 and is transferred. Two others made it to blastocyst on day 6 and are frozen. Get medium-level OHSS syndrome and am in a lot of pain and extremely bloated in the belly. Start having heavy bleeding and very intense amounts of pain before the first beta bloodtest. BFN.

April 2017- FET #2. We transfer one thawed blastocyst; the other frozen blastocyst does not survive the thaw. Make it to first beta and it comes back at 32, pregnant, but a great level and likely a chemical pregnancy. That is confirmed at 2nd beta when level drops to 11. We are out of frozen vials of sperm, and moving on would require another surgery for T, more money, and no guarantees. Decide to end our infertility/IVF journey after a lot of money, a lot of pain, and a lot of heartache.

May 2017– Start Adoption journey. Get home study completed and sign on with adoption law office.

June-Aug 2017– Medical problems with bleeding, discover severe fibroids, decide to undergo total hysterectomy with DaVinci robot.

September 2017– Matched with birth mother for an adoption in December

October 2017- Birth mother changes her mind and picks a different family for her baby

December 2017- Matched with another birth mother, everything looks very promising and we prepare for baby to be born in February

February 2018– Birth mother changes her mind and cancels the adoption.