Surgery #1…the journey begins

“T” had a vasectomy after “A” was born, which would require a surgery to repair, but we didn’t feel like it would set us back. I knew several people who had vasectomy reversals and went on to have more children easily. About five months after we had our initial consult with a urologist, “T” underwent the procedure in early 2015 and while we waited for him to heal I was sure that at our first follow-up appointment they would definitely see that it had been a success and we would be on our way to completing our family. I did all the research I could, and based on averages I estimated I would be pregnant by Christmas that year and planning for a baby in 2016.


When it came time to get the results of “T”’s follow up labwork, my heart sunk into my stomach. Not only was the number of sperm not amazing, it was non-existent. Not even one swimmer.

His doctor told us it could be due to swelling or inflammation, gave him some medicine to take. But at every follow up appointment, and we found ourselves in the same chairs getting the same news.

By the fall, “T”’s urologist told us we may want to start thinking about seeing a fertility specialist and looking into IVF. This was something we never expected to face, and while I made the consultation appointment for December, I still held out hope in my heart that we would get a good final report from our last visit at the urologist and maybe everything would be ok.

The final appointment came, with another big zero.

So, we decided we would put our brave faces on and push forward with IVF. I had regular periods and “all good” yearly well-woman exams, and the urologist had said when he did “T”’s reversal surgery there was plenty of sperm available in there, they just couldn’t get through his tubing. This should be easy. I am terrified of needles, but I could do it for our baby.

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